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Blaze - The Rock Dinosaur

Blaze - The Rock Dinosaur

Label : High Roller Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Mini-CD

Nima : In the spring of 2012 High Roller Records released this self-titled debut from Blaze, which was originally released in 2007. On that record the Japanese quartet delivered true old-school hardrock and heavy metal that brought you back to the 80s. Strongly influenced by the likes of Whitesnake, Scropions, MSG, Triumph, Thin Lizzy, but also NWOBHM legends such as , Iron Maiden, Saxon, Raven and co. Blaze managed to fire up a real heavy metal festivity. Thanks to the catchy riffs, good songwriting, audible enthusiasm and a feeling of pure nostalgia the lack of originality and innovation became completely meaningless as well, and the band convinced me completely.

It took them six and a half long years, but finally the new release ‘The Rock Dinosaur’ will be a fact at the end of this month. This six-track EP continues exactly where the debut left off and the gentlemen again deliver old-fashioned style hardrock and heavy metal with ditto sound. It sounds as if the past three decades have never existed for these men, and of course I’d be the last to complain about this. The party starts immediately from the first tones of opening track, ‘One Way Flight’, and a headbaning-spree is instantly a fact. All compositions are solid and even more spontaneous than what we heard on the debut. The record doesn’t collapse or become dull for even a second, and after 27 minutes of rocking and banging, you only hunger for more. I must say that it surprises me that they haven’t added two or three songs to make it a full-length, but that shouldn’t be a reason to spoil the joy. Fans of 80s hardrock/heavy metal and bands like Vanderbuyst, Screamer and co. can purchase ‘The Rock Dinosaur’ without a doubt.

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