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Mournful Gust - For All The Sins

Mournful Gust - For All The Sins

Label : Solitude Productions | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : The strongly by Anathema, My Dyng Bride and Officium Triste inspired compilation ’She’s My Grief…Decade’ from the year 2009 did not enlighten the dark flame inside of me to dive into this band’s history and discography. Five years after this compilation and their last full length album, these gents produce a new album called ‘All Of The Sins’ which surprises me by the effort in changing their blue print of songs. It is still the case that this ‘All Of the Sins’ does not cloak the heritage or influence the songs are built on, yet some of the new tracks like ‘Keep Me Safe From The Emptiness’ and ‘Falling In Hope’ try to evolve into a own style and suit. There is still loads of room for female vocals, classical arrangements and violins and keyboards and the works. The new approach is more direct, less complex and more effective. It’s a long listen, this seventy-two minute long album, and if you can cope with those clean vocals, you are in for a treat!

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