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Black Sabbath - Live Gathered In Their Masses

Black Sabbath - Live Gathered In Their Masses

Label : Universal Music Group | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: DVD/Video/Blu-ray

Winston : After the resounding global success of Black Sabbaths comeback album ‘13’ and during the equally successful world tour, we got this one in just in time for the holidays; the live DVD ‘Gathered In Their Masses’. Quite special; in the same year an album and a live show straight away. The show at the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne was recorded in the first part of the tour and I was hesitant because Ozzy Osbourne was in the first part vocally not really paying attention. This is an official document of course (as happens for many years and occurs in each band) things are smoothened. So it is best to enjoy the many classics and some newer songs, of which I think the single ‘God Is Dead’ and ‘Methademic’ are the better of the four chosen songs from ‘13’. The stage is simple but beautiful and the same as I was able to see at the end of November in Amsterdam, it is obvious that there is a real band is at work here. Regrettably Bill Ward is absent but he jumped overboard so he should not complain, Tommy Clufetos replaces him with fervour and pounds at least as hard as that old grouch. Iommi and Butler can read and write music together and let the ravages of time, eventually they become are all true English geezers, old men. Osbourne sometimes has some cosmetically treatments and sometimes you see that clearly. His familiar shuffling on the stage, water throwing and getting the audience going is still fun to watch and the audience reacts grateful and excited . The DVD comes with a CD with eleven songs on it, great for the car. Nice souvenir, though I think this will still not be all what Black Sabbath has in store; there’s more in store I’m sure.

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