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Australasia - Vertebra

Australasia - Vertebra

Label : Immortal Frost Productions | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Just like many amongst us have suddenly seen the light in reproducing old school vintage rock, we have another segment of the musicians that focuses on instrumental post-rock. Australasia does not appear to be a kind of component of two continents, nor a copycat of Pelican. They hail from sunny Italy. Gian Spalluto rules the roast, with assistance of Giuseppe Argentiero and any esoteric chants of Mina Carlucci, only in three of the songs. Earlier you could read a review of predecessor ’Sin4tr4’ from colleague Jasper.

This collective still collects compact songs with thoughtful passages, now and then an outburst with heavy riffs and any ambient influences. ‘Aorta’ happens to be a nice example in this respect: repetitive guitar sounds, drums join in and an eruption is what we get next. Quite predictable, yet done to a turn. It creates a feeling of vast plains, invigorated by the esoteric female vocals in some of the songs. It all remains freewheeling in the same very melodious way, until we are suddenly surrounded by modern new wave/ambient sounds in ‘Aura’. It goes from atmospheric to trip-hop with wordless female chants.

Birds do have an important function in the Australasia universe. They are on the cover, you can find them in the layout of the booklet and they are numerous in the – very beautiful – video clip for ‘Antenna’ where a comet rigorously strikes our planet, but eventually new life is coming out of that. Positive! Furthermore it gets a bit boring. Calm guitar sounds, a programmed riff outburst and sometimes esoteric female chants. It might be fun to play these soundscapes on a barbeque when coming home after an exotic journey, but on the other hand it mainly feels as if I am going into new age therapy. Consequently it is also usable as nightcap. Some will enjoy the beauty of it; others will conclude it is boring. Anyways, rather background music than anything else.

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