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Satan's Host - Virgin Sails

Satan's Host - Virgin Sails

Label : Moribund Records | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : The American band Satan’s Host cherishes the ambition to leave a gap of a year and a half maximum between two albums. In June 2011 there was the release of was de release van ‘By The Hands Of The Devil’, so they are nicely on top of that schedule. On the previous album they said goodbye to Eli Elixer and original singer Harry Conklin (Jag Panzer) returned, under his alias Leviathan Thisiren. That provided a new dimension, but didn’t force an effect on the message. The band was found in 1977 already, but their first recording dates back to 1986. And not the mention, the band lied dormant a while too.

The guitar parts of Patrick Evil are once more fat like they have always been. The production has been shifted to a somewhat higher level. The drums seems to have evolved slightly too. They sound like a seasoned death metal band, with by King Diamond inspired vocals. But still significantly different. Anyway, you will probably know what you get with Conklin in advance. The album as a whole is very solid and displays a band that has found its own musical identity. An exception to that is the track ‘Dichotomy’, which by the way I think is an interesting title, but the song itself is a step aside that i could have done without. But that is just about it. the power, the purity, the passion, the comfort you find in their violence… those are the reasons to put on Satan’s Host. Filthy and ominous, but still in a way that it stays very soothing for a metalhead. When those factors are there, they are at their strongest. I would highly recommend the album to those who can look across the boundaries of their most preferred style, Unless you are a big Stryper. Then again, in that case this is even obligated.

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