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Exlibris - Humagination

Exlibris - Humagination

Label : Metal Mind Productions | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : ‘Humagination' is the sophomore (and therefore crucial) album of the Exlibris from Poland. Poland seems to be an inexhaustible source of interesting bands. And what is striking is that it is not restricted anymore to the well-known death metal (Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated) -or prog bands (Riverside, Tides From Nebula) but that other genres are well represented as well in this immense country. Exlibris is a power metal band of the purest kind and must therefore appeal to fans of Angra, Theocracy but also, for example, Children Of Bodom and Masterplan. A good singer, a lot of galloping riffs, pounding double bass drums and the necessary keyboard and guitar duels.

It took a while before the band could release their second album. Primarily that had to do with the necessary changes in the line up. During the recording process of the album, they even had to say goodbye to singer Marcin and that caused a lot of delay. But with Krzystof Sokolowksi aka Mistress Of The Night a more than adequate replacement was found. He has a powerful voice, a decent range and no accent. Actually there is not much to say about this album other than that fans of this genre
(I know there are many of them) just need to buy this album. The songs are well composed, all the musicians know how to play their instruments and the production is good. For me personally the prominent role of the keyboards of Piotr Sikora could have been a little less, but that's a matter of taste. Just listen how the guitar and keyboards complement each other perfectly in the brilliant 'Of Fire And Thunder'. My personal favorites are ‘Astral Geometry’ (ingenious song), the power ballad 'Elemental' and the magnificent 'The Arrival'. A band of the highest quality.

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