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Black Willows - Haze

Black Willows - Haze

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : This Swiss band Black Willows is a refreshing surprise when I start listening to their self-released debut ‘Haze’. They echo through a mantra and haunting set of songs. Their way of putting down music feels like warm embrace. Before you know it you are sold to these benign melody lines and you might find yourself swinging your hips softly to these tunes, before you are struck by the harder stoner and doomriffs that are not many but still effective! Mostly instrumental, mostly with a jam session like feel, but also the hazy and enchanting vocals are in function of that tantrum they create. The songs all sound like the sun that tries to break through the horizon and eventually sun-burns you to a crisp with still that smile on your face! An amazing record and I am stunned still that they self-released it, produced it and did the design of everything and even more that no record company picked these guys up!

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