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A Perfect Circle - Three Sixty

A Perfect Circle - Three Sixty

Label : Universal Music Group | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : Indeed… even we have considered A Perfect Circle as “that other band of Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan” for quite some time. Our excuses go to guitarist Billy Howerdel, since he happens to be the musical backbone of A Perfect Circle. However, you cannot ignore the captivating vocal caprioles of Maynard when hearing this and all songs came into being by congenial sessions. A Perfect Circle released three essential records between 2000 and 2004 in the alternative rock genre: the debuting splinter bomb ‘Mer De Noms’ (2000), the crucial as well ‘Thirteenth Step ‘ (2003) and the try out to wake up American folks to go to vote, called ‘Emotive’ (2004) with a collection of cover songs of diverse artists like John Lennon, Devo, Joni Mitchell and Nick Lowe. A Perfect Circle sold more than five million records world wide.

Consequently the members of this super group can afford a kind of hiatus or pause, while Maynard delivered the amazing ’10,000 Days’ with Tool and put an multimedia electro rock outfit on the rails with Puscifer, while Billy Howerdel engendered Ashes Divide. It took until 2010 before A Perfect Circle announced any selected gigs and small touring. On these occasions any of the three albums were performed live. That is exactly what you get when purchasing the luxurious box-set ‘A Perfect Circle Live: Featuring Stone And Echo’.

However, now we zoom in to the release of the double collection CD ‘Three Sixty’. This is made up in chronological way, to finalize it with some live versions on disc two. The five songs from ‘Mer De Noms’ have ‘Orestes’ as extra in a Japanese demo edition and ‘Judith’ is dedicated to the mother of Keenan, that’s obvious. Songs from the sophomore album ‘Thirteenth Step’ make this disc complete, including the lengthy ‘The Package’ as most experimental track. The second disc is an abundant and diverse collection of sounds. The single ‘Passive’ from the third album ‘Emotive’ appears to have that idiosyncratic A Perfect Circle sound, while ‘Counting Bodies’ with its lengthy title and own brew might pretend expressiveness and a kind of eloquence, but music-wise it seems kind of weird. The only new song that has been presented by A Perfect Circle is ‘By And Down’. It is amazing, but it only increases our hunger for more and in the end it is a quite paltry income after all these years, since the second disc is filled with live recordings for the rest. Those who do not know the band might have a proper (yet incomplete) summary of their achievements, but I guess that the moving spirits of this band reside in another musical universe since quite some time, according to the true spirit of artists, or they just retire and lead a life of leisure according to their million sellers. That is another possibility. On the other hand, Tool and A Perfect Circle remain superior, epoch making bands with a back catalogue you cannot ignore.

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