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Dehumanizer - The Incomplete Man

Dehumanizer - The Incomplete Man

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Sicktus : Dehumanizer are from Peru and were founded some ten years ago by guitarist César Guttiérrez. During those years, Dehumanizer recorded two demos and César was building a stable line-up, which he found in the twin brothers Daniel R. & Daniel Y. Ibárcena (guitar and drums) and vocalist/bassist Alejandro Hernández. About half a year ago, they self-released their debut, 'The Incomplete Man', on which they have worked for more than two years.

Ten tracks and forty minutes of progressive death is what the album has to offer. think about technical, progressive death like Death and Cynic, but there is also more melodic stuff like the harder and heavier tracks by Danish band Mercenary and some more technothrashy stuff like Atheist on this very varied album. The record is mainly uptempo and has a nice drive, but sometimes they take their foot of the gas a bit and elements such as female vocals (Susana Cardich), piano and orchestrations (Adolfo Gazzo) are added, which works wonders for the albums flow and level of variation. The sound is great as well. So, a very varied prog death album, filled with solos, good songwriting and catchy melodies, with more than a hint of thrash. An excellent album that is worth hunting down! If you want to check out 'The Incomplete Man', you can do so at the band's SoundCloud page. Do yourself a favor and spend 40 minutes of your time on this, today or somewhere in the next few days. The album is (very limited) available through the band's website. Labels that are active in this genre should be quick and decisive, because I do expect this album to get picked up by some label or other for sure. Dehumanizer's 'The Incomplete Man' deserves a larger audience than it has right now!

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