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Darkmoon Warrior - Nuke ‘Em All

Darkmoon Warrior - Nuke ‘Em All

Label : World Terror Committe | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Johan Z. : These German guys play raw and very hard black like you would expect form bands such as Endstille and Mayhem, and after almost ten years of releasing demos they released their debut album ‘Crown Of Snakes’ which now has a sequel. This cd kicks off like you expect, hard as nails. A decent start, but after three songs I got the feeling I was listening to the same riffs and blastbeats over and over again. With the fourth song they make a radical shift and the whole thing gets a more melodic structure And that’s sounds pretty good. A dark ambiance and very tight performed. A pity the album only becomes worth the effort after three songs.

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