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Cursed 13 - Triumf

Cursed 13 - Triumf

Label : Carnal Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Johan Z. : The journey started in 1998 as a soloproject by Heljarmadr and was known as Cursed 666. Since 2006 they travel with a complete line up as Cursed 13. And this album is more or less a collection of what this band has done the past fifteen years. It’s style reminds me of early Satyricon but with a very sinister and threatening ambiance. The music is varied to say the least, one moment it is hard as nails, the other moment you will only hear a grim melody performed on guitar. It has songs which sounds a bit like punk and also an electronic song that ends in something that almost sounds like Rammstein. I do think the production does not support the whole, it sounds a bit flat. Recommended if you don’t fear an experiment.

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