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Izegrim - Congress Of The Insane

Izegrim - Congress Of The Insane

Label : Listenable | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : I have followed the Dutch extreme metallers from Izegrim more or less since the beginning of their career, at least before the debut ‘Guidelines To Genocide’ (2002) was released, and have only seen them grow. With every album the band showed progress and have definitely developed their own identity during the years. The fourth long player, ‘Congress Of The Insane’, is no exception to that rule.

What the lady and gentlemen of Izegrim deliver on this album is again top-self heavy, yet melodic death/thrash. Even more, With ‘Congress Of The Insane’, the band has delivered its most complete work to date. The riffs are even catchier, more exciting and more contagious than before, and bassist/vocalist Marloes sounds dirtier, angrier and crunchier than before and impresses more than most male colleagues in the genre. The songs (and especially the breaks) sound better thought-through as well, and have turned out more versatile. There is enough room for tempo changes and melody, without letting it go at the cost of the aggression and the intensity. And with that the lady and gentlemen keep you focused. The comparison with bands such as Grave, Bolt Thrower, Arch Enemy, Holy Moses, Legion Of The Damned and the likes is here inevitable, but as said, the band has definitely created their own sound and identity, which, besides Marloes’ voice, is also due to the recognizable guitar melodies and solos.

The production is as heavy, clear and modern, but has an old-school charm at the same time, and the beautiful cover artwork delivers the finishing touch. Fans of heavy, thrashy death metal can purchase ‘Congress Of The Insane’ without a second of hesitation. Listening tips: Endless Strife’, ‘Unchallenged Dominance’, ‘Modern Day Freak’ and ‘Manifest Of A Megalomaniac’ (with guest vocals by Sabina Classen (Holy Moses)! Although I must say that the rest of the tracks are not of a less impact or quality.

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