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Spiritual Holocaust - Kingdom Of Cadavers

Spiritual Holocaust - Kingdom Of Cadavers

Label : Grindhouse Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Mini-CD

Sicktus : The EP format is back from never gone. Foetal Juice (this issue), Septekh, Castleumbra and Church Of The Dead all released awesome EP's over the last couple of months - and that is just a selection from the bands I reviewed myself. The good thing of the EP format to me is that it is relatively easy for a band that is starting to release a mature recording, without having to run the risk they will release a cramped and strained album that will have too many tunes that are not yet as good as their prime material and are to be considered fillers. This will lead to a lower overall score and lessen the chance that you will get that album of the shelf for some playtime again anytime soon. Which does of course not mean every EP is a hit and every (debut) full-length contains fillers, but, well, you catch my drift, I'm sure. An EP is potentially a great way to get acquainted with a new or (to you) unknown band in a concise way, which maybe makes the EP a perfect fit for these fleeting times of digital click-on-through media. And if you do not manage to make an impression in fifteen minutes, you are not going to impress in forty minutes. But hey, I am rambling again, even before I had a train of thought.

So, Spiritual Holocaust, a Finnish five-piece who play oldschool death in the heavy, low and lumbering vein, with some melodic influences, but with their focus on lumbering through swampy nineties midtempo, with accompanying nineties artwork and sound, and some faster paced outbursts here or there. So, those of you who read my monthly ramblings on oldschool death probably expect the words 'groove' and 'grin' by now, but Spiritual Holocaust do seem to be stuck in a moor of good intentions. Not yet catchy enough, not varied enough to truly stick and convince, but raw and pure enough to look forward to what their next release will bring. Especially the EP's closer, the melodic deathdoomish track 'Death Is Alive', by far the best track on 'Kingdom Of Cadavers', leaves me curious for more. And isn't that a confirmation of the beauty of EP's? Leaving your listeners curious and wanting for more.

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