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Slegest - Løyndom

Slegest - Løyndom

Label : Dark Essence Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Marcel H. : Ese left Vreid in 2010 and then started one man band Slegest. In 2012 a debut EP was released which I haven’t heard and now there is a full-length debut album. Given the fact where Ese comes from band wise I was expecting Viking black metal. The only thing that reminds me of black metal though on this album are the vocals, musically it’s classic heavy metal all round with at times a slight epic edge to it. Ese plays all the instruments and handles the vocals as well. Actually that surprises me because it sounds as a proper band, but nowhere does anything bother me, even the drums sound natural. Musically it’s classic heavy metal with black metal vocals. The songs are sound and from time to time know how to captivate, but nowhere does it really stick, unfortunately. I think that has to do with the vocals which eventually come across quite boring due to the lack of variation to them. A decent enough album which I won’t re-spin too often. If the vocals are more varied on a future release this could become interesting. But now I am left behind with an ambiguous feeling.

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