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Discopowerboxxx - The Haunted And The Hunted

Discopowerboxxx - The Haunted And The Hunted

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under punk / hardcore

Release type: Demo

Tormentor Erich : There is a lot to tell about these Austrians from Discopowerboxxx and their third demo. For starters: on one hand this band name is very strange, but on the other hand it is also funny. You name your band Discopowerboxxx and then decide to play some kind of punk and hard core with some hard rock influences in it as well. Furthermore the cover is drawn by the grandfather of the bass player and the songs are mastered with equipment from the sixties and seventies to give ‘The Haunted And The Hunted’ a more powerful and dirty sound.

On ‘The Haunted And The Hunted’ we hear eight songs and together they give us twenty-two minutes of music. The bass guitar has got this nice full sound and is placed in front of the mix. Because of this the punk side of Discopowerboxxx’s music becomes more notable. Besides this there are typical cross over riffs and a singer who seems to say the words sometimes more than singing them. All these details give a track like ‘Of Beast And Blades’ a Mucky Pup meets Acid Reign meets D.R.I. atmosphere, while in the other ones also a bit traditional metal every now and then pops up.

For five Euro ‘The Haunted And The Hunter’ can be ordered at If this piece of work is worth the money is a bit difficult to tell. Or let me put it to you in these words: although ‘The Haunted And The Hunter’ is not a must have album for everybody it can certainly please the fanatical demo collectors of this genre.

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