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Four Square - Hitmaker

Four Square - Hitmaker

Label : Bad Taste Records | Archive under

Release type: CD single

Jordy : In my review of Theory Of A Deadman a few months ago I said that the Canadian music industry is doing very well lately. After the successes of Nickelback, Sum 41 and (iewk) Avril Lavigne there's another potential hitband. The rock band Four Squar from Toronto is another product of the Canadian music machine that's producing bands like never before. With the debut album 'Three Chords… One Capo' the band hopes to become successful. I haven't received that album, but I did get the first single of the album, 'Hitmaker'. When I read the title I got a bit chilly, because that title makes me think of Starmaker and Idols. People who've read more of my stuff know what I think of that commercial crap, so I won't piss on that subject again.

Luckily Four Square isn't thát bad. The band makes music that doesn't move me in anyway, but it isn't as bad as most of the music that we hear nowadays. The single contains three tracks, of which de opener is, of course, 'Hitmaker'. The first word I could think about after I had heart the track for about half a minute was: happy! The song is uncomplicated, happy and indeed a potential hit. The band has chosen a good title, because these kind of songs always reach high into the charts, because of the high fun rate. It's absolutely not my music, but that doesn't matter for now.

The other two songs are a demo version of 'Poison Arrows' and the song 'Another Year'. These two tracks are also on 'Three Chords… One Capo'. These songs are less happy than 'Hitmaker', but still contain a lot of hapiness and frivolity. The title 'Hitmaker' already made me think of a commercial band and I was right about that. The music of Four Square will absolutely get the attention of 'alternative' girls between 11 and 13 years old that use to listen to crap like Christina Agluira a half a year ago. To compare Four Square with other bands: think of Zebrahead, Blink 182 and Sum 41. In that direction you should search to describe the music of Four Square, although I must admit that I heard a bit of the new Manic Street Preachers once in a while, but that isn't much a compliment for that band.

The commercial concept that, without a doubt, hides behind Four Square sucks. (The music isn't really my thing either.) It must be said that the music isn't too bad and that it isn't a torture for trained metal ears. Sometimes there are some nice things in it and the frivolity of the music made me smile once in a while. I won't give Four Square a too bad mark, despite the fact that the combination of happy punk and little girl pop sucks.

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