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Juicy Junk - Mission Sungun

Juicy Junk - Mission Sungun

Label : Drakkar Entertainment | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Jordy : The band Juicy Junk from Düsseldorf calls itself a band that uses a lot of varying music style, which they combine very well. If we are to believe the band their first album 'Mission Sungun' contains tracks on which you can hear influences of dark wave, hip hop, rock, metal, crossover and pop. The album, produced by Jose Alvarez (Wolfsheim and DFe/Vision), will be in stores at the end of June and before that the single 'Sungun' is released, to show the audience what it can expect from the debut album.

Let's start with that song 'Sungun', that's also the second track on the album. In this song you immediately hear different styles, like dark wave on the background, hip hop in the singing and lead guitars that sound a bit metal-ish. And the band indeed uses a lot of different influences and no song is the same. Some of the songs are soft, while other songs are a bit harder. The fourth track on the album, 'Me Again', is an example of a song where in light rock is being combined with mysterious electronical sounds. This song is a true ballad and could be a next single, if the band wants to go into the MTV direction (let's hope they don't!). The song after that is 'China White' and is something totally different; a synthesizer is an important part of the song, combined with rap singing and a new wave atmos. After that the band surprises you with 'Nowhere Man', that sounds a bit like a modern version of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The song has got a funky atmosphere and the guitars sound a lot like the way Frusciante plays the guitar.

The combination of totally different styles is being continued, with the ballad 'Real', which reminded me of the band Live. 'Juicy Junk' is a bit industrial with nervous singing and a happy melody. Also the other songs have their own identity and the band never repeats itself. My personal favourite is 'Fall', a funky song with a lot of hip hop shit in it and a chorus that totally kicks ass. The song is hard and swinging the one moment and suddenly it becomes a more slower and softer song. Very good!

Last nice detail of the album is that there are three intermezzos that describe how the gods of rock created our world. It's a nice idea, but it doesn't really fit with the rest of the album. But what the fuck, just like the rest of the album it takes guts to do such a thing and it isn't bad at all.
I must admit that this is the most varying album I've ever heard. With influences of totally different bands like Live, Type O Negative, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nickelback and Tool this is a strange but great album. Not many bands have got the guts to mix all kinds of styles with each other, but Juicy Junk just does it a lot.

'Mission Sungun' is a varying, daring and strong album. Juicy Junk proves that the combination of different styles can be great and it can lead to a very strong album where all the different influences form one great totality. In the beginning I was a bit cynical, especially because the band name is so strange, but when I heard the album once I totally changed my opinion and I'm very impressed by the music of Juicy Junk. Finally something cool from Germany since the break-through of the Guano Apes!

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