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Malmonde - Malmonde

Malmonde - Malmonde

Label : Osmose | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Frank D. : After the Tour, the Eifeltower and the Louvre the French bring us again something which might become a brand; Malmonde.

The album 'Malmonde' (how original) makes a dashing start with the energetic tracks 'No One' and 'World Of Silence'. It's clear that Malmonde specialises in producing a sound, which is a mixture of several kinds of metal (i.e. death- and power metal) topped off with some keyboards. Because of that the music sometimes tends a little towards industrial and in other parts it leans more toward gothic. With the third track 'C-Mal' the band goes off in another direction, the French direction. And as goes for a country like Belgium where French and any other language don't mix, the same goes for this album. Life is full of choices and the gents of Malmonde should have made the choice of making an all- French or an all- English record. But they didn't. Maybe the French dark grunts of vocalist Giroud work for the home front, between the English tracks on 'Malmonde' they sound a bit out of place.

After the well composed 'Save Your Soul', the pounding 'Machine' and the doomy 'Fear', 'The 3rd Wish' is up. Right at the start a pretty annoying xylophone riff (bringing back some school time traumas) kicks in, which comes back throughout the whole track. Apparently the use of this 'musical instrument' should provide the song with an Asian flavor, but does a poor job at that. And although singer Ludovic Giroud makes a great effort, together with drummer Christophe Saumont and guitar player Hervé Sionnet, to make the best of this track it's too little, too late. And that's a pity, because without this sound 'The 3rd Wish' would be a rather enjoyable song. When the next track 'Remix W.O.S. v 2.0' starts with a Clannad-like intro, it seems to go downhill with this CD. But after this intro the remix of 'World Of Silence' turns out to be even better than the original due to the full and more industrial production. Thus giving the whole track a more energetic appearance. To be short, a great ending of a somewhat fickle CD.

All in all Malmonde produced a somewhat precarious sound that isn't convincing enough to undoubtedly state that they are on their way of an international breakthrough. But based on the outstanding 'World Of Silence' and the quality of most of the compositions I give the gents the benefit of the doubt and a C+.

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