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Norrsköld - Blessings Of Winter

Norrsköld - Blessings Of Winter

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under black metal

Release type: Demo

Johan Z. : This band is barely a year old and instigated by an ex-member of the Swedish band Irrbloss. This is a melodic black metalrecord which is richly influenced by folk metal. And right from the start expectations go up, this sets of nice and hard and immediately triggers memories of the already defunct Swedish band Dissection. This is supposed to be a one man band if it wasn’t a fact that everything except the guitars and acoustics is performed by session members, but it has to be mentioned he gathered an excellent team around him. The execution is tight and the quality of the production is high. The songs are written with a lot of variety from hard as nails like the opening song ‘Night Crystal’ up to the relaxing and completely acoustic ‘Blessings Of Winter’. This is very much worth the effort of listening, and rumours go he is already working on a full album.

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