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Minotauro - Master Of The Sea

Minotauro - Master Of The Sea

Label : Dust On The Tracks Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : In Minotauro we find a newcomer from Italy that walks the path of (how surprising) melodic power metal with classical influences, hence: symphonic power metal, on their debut. The biography wants to make believe that we’re dealing with a new sensation that could match up to fellow compatriots Rhapsody Of Fire. But I beg to differ! Don’t get me wrong though, because what we get to hear on ‘Master Of The Sea’ is definitely a good effort, but what we have here is simply solid melodic power metal with a symphonic touch. The songs are definitely well composed and on both instrumental and vocal matters the gentlemen definitely show skills and expertise.

The genius and excitement that Rhapsody Of Fire always guaranteed, and also something bands like SoundStorm, Fogalord or Fairyland deliver, are missing here however. The music is quite mid-tempo and highly melodic in general, and due to the lack of and real highlights, the songs don’t make a lasting impression. If you don’t pay attention for a moment, you’ll already find yourself a few songs further. That’s a pity, because this band has all the necessary means to be indeed the sensation the biography wants to make believe, but this debut is nothing more, but definitely nothing less than a respectable and appealing melodic power metal album.

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