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Transport League - Boogie From Hell

Transport League - Boogie From Hell

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : When I hear the name Transport League, I immediately think back to Dynamo Open Air 1998, where I saw the band for the first time. At that time I knew that the band was led by the man behind B-Thong, a band that a few years previously made an impression on Dynamo Open Air. With Transport League, Tony J. J. (Jelencovich) wanted to take his music a step further and he could not take that step with B-Thong. And it worked! Albums like 'Stallion Showcase' and 'Superevil' sounded better (heavier!) than anything he had done before, although again you couldn’t miss the influences of Prong , Danzig and COC that were also obvious with his new outfit as earlier with B-Thong. Lately it was a little quit around the band but behold; here is a new album again. 'Boogie From Hell’ is a self financed album on which the band obviously wants to make a certain statement: we can still do it, do not count us out!.

And they still can do it! 'Boogie From Hell' is by far the best of what the band has (had) to offer so far. The album sounds better and heavier than ever before and the (irresistible) groove is very obvious. Tony J. J.screams out his lungs (though he knows to add some melody as well in his voice), the bass of Lars Häglund rumbles on very tastefully the entire CD, the guitar solos of Peter Hunyadi are mainly functional and rarely I have heard a drummer that hits so hard as Mattias Starander does on this disc. Boy, his cymbals get their ass kicked pretty bad! As I said, it's the groove that prevails. From opener ‘Swing Satanic Swing’ it is the groove that takes you by the throat and does not let you go. 'Bitter Sand' is extremely heavy, 'Electric Wolf ' is a track with the atmosphere of Danzig and 'Fight Back' is very reminiscent of Prong at the time of 'Cleansing'. The riff of ‘Hi-Octane Slave' perhaps is the coolest riff of the entire album and just listen how Starander bashes his cymbals on this one. Nice to hear a band that has been faithful to their own musical style, now release an album that surpasses all of their previous work. Two small points of criticism (you know me); lyrically the band has not much to say (but who cares, I know) and I am sorry that the band never presses the accelerator a bit further on. I'm sure they can and I think the combination of groove with speed should also be cool. Maybe on the next album add some really up tempo tracks? Now just go and enjoy (it is impossible to sit or stand still with the music of Transport League) this fine album.

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