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Hatesphere - Murderlust

Hatesphere - Murderlust

Label : Massacre | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Patrick : What? A new album by Hatesphere in the same line-up as in which the previous album was recorded? My knowledge of Hatesphere does not go far enough to recall that this is unique, but that it has been a few albums ago, is very clear.

‘Murderlust’ is an album that gives you precisely what you expect from Hatesphere: the band plays the typical mix of thrash metal and Swedish death and adds the necessary groove to it. Ferocity and melody go hand in hand and the band rumbles razor-sharp through the ten tracks. The songs are built on riffs, singer Esben "Esse" Hansen adds - with his hardcore-like vocals - the necessary aggression, and the production is filthy yet clear. You will not come across many surprises or it should be the instrumental track 'In Process'. Of course you could say with it that Hatesphere reproduces more or less the same musical trick in a similar way as before but as long as the recognisability produces banging tracks like ‘Iconoclast’ and ‘Punishable By Death’, the fans will only welcome it. The album has guest appearances in the form of The Black Dahlia Murder vocalist Trevor Strnad ('Iconoclast') and guitarist Ryan Knight ("The Violent Act). The regular album closes with a cover of Muse: 'Assassin'. The band has added a typical Hatesphere sound and so made it a totally different version. If you decide to purchase the digi-pack, two bonus tracks come along: ‘Murderlust’ in the pre-production version and a live version of '500 Dead People '.

At ‘Murderlust’ Hatesphere shows itself as we are used of them: solid, sharp, yet without a drive for innovation. Just as the fans like to hear it.

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