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Ghost Avenue - Ghost Avenue

Ghost Avenue - Ghost Avenue

Label : Pitch Black Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Cor : Led by the vocals of Kim Sandvik, a voice reminding of both Blackie Lawless and Kevin Dubrow (and sometimes even reaching the spandex trousers helium heights), my thoughts are going back to the eighties. This trip into the past is even intensified by the chilly, cunning and fast transistor amplified (sometimes double) riffs which also characterize the powerful melodic metal from their glory days. Even memories of our own Helloise come to my mind. Ghost Avenue plays pure power metal just as easy as the glam variation, switching and combining the best from both into an attractive mix. Musically this one is quite alright; the guitarists surely know what they do and the rhythm section is solid as a rock. In a strange way, also after several times having played this album, the attention is weakening with the ballad ‘All I Can Say’, and does not come back. In my humble opinion the first half of the album contains stronger song material than the second half. With musicians like these, it should be possible to come up with an album containing a more constant (high) level of quality. Despite this critical personal note, this one is sure worth a listening session for the people into the genre (don’t let the YouTube footage scare you off; it’s just about time for a proper promo video).

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