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Various Artists - Baden Metal Compilation Vol. 2: Flight Of The Griffin

Various Artists - Baden Metal Compilation Vol. 2: Flight Of The Griffin

Label : Baden Metal | Archive under various

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Baden Metal is a magazine that supports the Baden / Germany heavy metal music scene. In 2008 they released their first compilation entitled ‘Rise Of The Griffin’ and more recent the ‘Flight Of The Griffin’ compilation saw the light of day. The title reminds me of 19fucking86 when the U.S. speed / power metal band Griffin released their great debut full-length LP that goes by the same name! Anyway, ‘Flight Of The Griffin’ holds no less than fifteen various metal bands from the Baden area as well as a metal version of the national anthem of Badenia entitled ‘Badnerlied’, performed by the Baden Metal Allstars (with members of Necronomicon, Subtrash and Paniczone to name a few).

Here comes the good news: the CD has a running time of 77 minutes approximately, has a great sound quality and comes in a beautiful thick digipack with panels. There are a lot of bands worth mentioning here like Pessimist (DE) that kinda sounds like Tankard in their early days or Bloodforge that has some early Dissection influences, but you sure have to check out ‘Flight Of The Griffin’ yourselves! You can buy this gem for only five lousy Euro’s so check out the label’s Facebook page for details. This is one of the best compilation CD’s I’ve seen and heard in a long time. Super toll und supermegagiga Geil!


Sons Of Sounds – ‘Immortal’ (Album: ‘S.O.S.’)
Storm Warning – ‘Leaving The Circle’ (‘Storm Warning’ E.P.)
Sceptor – ‘Take Command’ (Album: ‘Take Command’)
Malice In Wonderland – ‘This Time The Galaxy’
Maersung – ‘Für die Ewigkeit?’ (Album: ‘Der Unscheinbare Ruf Der Ewigkeit’)
Bloodforge – ‘Distance Calling’ (‘Dissolution Of The Human Race’ E.P.)
The Privateer – ‘Last Journey’ (Album: ‘Facing The Tempest’)
Painful – ‘Black Death’
Gefrierbrand – ‘Eva’ (Album: ‘Zeitensturm’)
Chaossphere – ‘Shred Faction’ (Album: ‘Shred Faction’)
Pessimist (GER) – ‘Feindfahrt’ (Album: ‘Death From Above’)
Mission In Black – ‘Holy War’ (‘Black Infect’ E.P.)
Paniczone – ‘Seeking Domination’
Lamera – ‘Onus’ (Album: ‘Mechanically Seperated’)
Soilid – ‘Murder Diary’ (Album: ‘Murder Diary’)
Baden Metal Allstars – ‘Badnerlied’ (Baden Anthem)

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