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Rectal Smegma - Become The Bitch

Rectal Smegma - Become The Bitch

Label : Herrie Records Inc. | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : Herrie Records Inc. just released Rectal Smegma’s newest output ‘Become The Bitch’. This is their fourth full-length (if i counted correctly), the follow up to their 2011 ‘Because We Care’ CD. The CD comes in a great five page digipack cross version with some nice drawings and some great band pictures with some nice fucking bitches as well. They can come over to my place and squirt all their sweet peachy juice out and I even might throw them a few free beers.

Musically, Rectal Smegma doesn’t add anything new to the grindcore genre. They play brutal goregrind with guttural vocals. I’ve seen this band live several times now and I really love their shit! This however is my first acquaintance with a studio album from the Dutch porngrinders and ‘Become The Bitch’ didn’t disappoint me at all. This CD is the shit if you’re into squalid porngrind that reeks like an opened hairy asshole. Don’t forget to check the last song ‘Manobar’ which shows a whole other side of the group. Rectal Smegma is a filthy fucking whore!

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