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Notti Del Terrore - Havoc

Notti Del Terrore - Havoc

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : The Belgian Fear Factory returns with more mouth-frothing anger that is in line with the now two years old debut ‘MX D35TRX10N’. Not many striking differences, or it should be that the band now features a real and breathing drummer battering along with the rest of the crew, although at the same time the liner notes still mention “drum programming”. Perhaps this Fré is very easy to impress?

During its 33 minutes this second album features a lot of fierce metal, although it must be said Notti Del Terrore always stays within the established boundaries of the genre, as determined by its really great names: Fear Factory and Devin Townsend, to name just a few. That is a pity, because although there is not much wrong on this record, it still lacks originality and character.
No problems with the attitude however, NDT sounds truly angry and fierce, what creates a funny contrast with the revelations from recent interviews in which the guys confessed to be law abiding family men. Perhaps the band is just a way to cope with the frustrations that come with parenthood?

This album also has some leftovers on it. This time it is ‘Downside Of War’, a track that was already present on the first demo from 2009. Nice to regenerate old favorites like this, but I would rather advice to look forward and no longer look back. Especially since ‘Downside Of War’ turns out to be ‘Havoc’s weakest track. In the end this is another admirable piece of DIY from what still is a promising band. Now the time has come Notti del Terrore gets signed by a company that is able to give the band the exposure it needs and deserves.

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