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Arven - Black Is The Colour

Arven - Black Is The Colour

Label : Massacre | Archive under gothic metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Melanie : After Arven released their debut album two years ago, the band itself experienced no change in formation at all. The German band still consists of one man and five women. In those two years, they have remained faithful to the style they have held their first album. Symphonic gothic metal without grunts, with a Celtic twist here and there. The overall sound is much smoother but it’s not an well-oiled machine just yet. The amateur side has disappeared though. The cover art is quite beautiful and the lyrics are much more interesting than the previous Miffy ones. The final production ensures that the sound is smashing and well-done.

Although they have remained faithful to what they have brought out before, this here is slightly darker and edgy. The music is rougher, more risky perhaps. The sound is more balanced though, and provides a common thread throughout the album. The voice of Carina however, is quite unpredictable and makes me nervous. She sounds stable and steady in one song and will fail the next one; sounding very fragile as though she had just began singing. She rarely gets the high notes without forcing it upon herself.

It is clear that the group has done their very best, and they have actually made a lot of progress. Not only have they done better musically, but they have also scored a lot more gigs. Nothing planned in the Netherlands so far, but who knows. An upward line is absolutely undeniable, but there are still many twerks to be done. However, if they follow this path in this pace, I’m sure they will be quite all right in an album or two. I’m absolutely sure.

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