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Keema - Rise Up

Keema - Rise Up

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Dani�l : …and in the “super surprise”-category the winner is… Keema. The group decided to make heavy metal- and hard rockmusic, but took on the challenge to make it listenable for the larger crowd; you could name it “pop metal” (the band members call it “the heaviest pop you have ever heard!”). The combination may sound like a contradiction to you, something most headbangers would be disgusted by; to only read the word “pop” could make one shiver. In the same way, I quivered when reading the term that I just mentioned to characterise Keema. Being the loyal reviewer that I am, I had no choice but to go on an turn up the music. I was amazed.

Fairly accessible to the pop-listener (I think), and same goes for heavy metal-fanatics. Also, fans of, for example, 30 Seconds To Mars (a band that Keema strongly reminded me of at some points), will be very satisfied with Keema. Especially with the song ’Here We Stand’ (also to be found underneath this review) the feeling of recognition struck me. The clip reminded me of 30STM song ‘The Kill’. The music may be a little more technical. The song ‘Hate’ on the other hand is very different from the previously mentioned songs. It’s a little harsher (fits perfectly with the track-title – or is it the other way around?), fits better in the genre of a band like Shinedown, that is, alternative metal, hard rock.

In general we could say that Keema is a very solid band, versatile and not disturbingly heavy nor disturbingly soft. A hard rockband built for radio appearances. Definitely recommendable if you’re into modern hard rock like the Foo Fighters, Stone Sour or Staind. More into the harder stuff? Try it out once, it won’t hurt you. More into the softer stuff? Then what are you actually doing here?!

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