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Cote D’Aver - Proboscis Strangulation

Cote D’Aver - Proboscis Strangulation

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Koen B. : It’s been about six years since Cote D’Aver’s self-released debut full-length ’Masticated Flesh’ burnt the world to ashes. The band’s second CD is entitled ‘Proboscis Strangulation’ and it has become a self-releaser as well, so I kindly would like to ask you to support this Dutch band by buying their music instantly by visiting their Facebook page and ask for details. The CD comes in a nice digipack and is worth every dime if you’re into pig squealing deathgrind.

Since their previous effort, nothing much has changed within the Cote D’Aver camp. Sure, there have been some line-up changes but this did not affect the musical direction. ‘Proboscis Strangulation’ holds eleven tracks of grindcore with a sickened lyrical twist. What differentiates CDA from other bands within the deathgrind genre is their ability to mix a wide variety of tempos and riffs to prevent the CD from becoming predictable. Let’s hope that the next effort will not take as long as this one!

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