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Corpset - No Rest

Corpset - No Rest

Label : Violent Journey Records | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Ramon : I will not go as far as saying you can wake me up in the middle of the night for progressive, death metal based thrash metal from Finland, but I seldom mind staying up a little longer for it. My neighbours do mind, by the way, but don’t let that be your problem. With the prior release we were privy of a strong recommendation to all those who like descriptions like the above, with the remark that they still have room left for growth. Well, they seem to have taken that room as they clearly have moved up a significant bit. By saying that I must not leave out that they possibly have started to emphasize the American influences even more, which I am not particularly fond of myself. Mainly in production and sound effects. But you do hear they are Scandinavian. But no matter what your likings are, any objective listener can detect the band has obviously seasoned through experience. And you may quote me on that.

It still is very thrashy with melodic passages and the vocals still ae mainly low roars and they have incorporated a firm dose of progressive metal, but it truly is on a higher ledge than the debut was. I even hear some keys, out of nowhere. Taste is always open for discussion, but facts never are. And for those who like the genre, they deliver an album worth celebrating. It is not good enough to reach the top, but without a doubt they are good enough not to let any festival promoter that has the balls to showcase new bands down.

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