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Instorm - Madness Inside

Instorm - Madness Inside

Label : Metal Scrap Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : If you have ever wondered what it would sounds like if you would bring bands like Children Of Bodom and Rhapsody Of Fire together and have Yngwie Malmsteen brainstorm along, then you’ll find your answer in Instorm! As you already might have guessed, this lady and gentlemen get their inspiration from various metal corners. And thus we find influences from the melodic death metal, the symphonic power metal and the neo-classical metal corners. But besides that the music also contains many influences from black and sturdy folk metal, which makes Instorm a bit reminiscent to fellow compatriots Nomans Land.

The music is quite up-tempo in general, and although the bands does lower the pace regularly, the album seems to blast forward. On instrumental matters the lady and gentlemen know their crafts well and definitely convince. The blackened vocals however sound quite monotonous, but at the same also not that disturbingly. Also musically the songs are well composed and the music contains many layers. In Instorm there is a great role for the guitarists and they don’t hesitate to take every opportunity they get to shake the one solo and riddle after the other off their sleeves.

The last two-mentioned in the above are however exactly my biggest problems with this album! There is simply too much going on in the songs and the many solos and guitar riddles go at the cost of the overall intensity. They also make the whole thing sound very chaotic and confusing, making it rather difficult to follow the songs. Talk about madness! On top of that, exactly for that same reason the songs are difficult to tell apart and pass by without leaving a lasting impression. Of course this could not have been the intention. This is a typical case of “enough is as good as a feast”, seeing that the music comes much more into its own during the pieces in which the riffs play the main role and there isn’t all this chaos going on. Pity, because due to the strain and the chaos the band totally misses the point and doesn’t manage to get the message across. It is obvious that we’re dealing with a highly talented and potential band here, but the lady and gentlemen have yet to learn not to push everything into on! Remember: less is more!

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