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Wolfpakk - Cry Wolf

Wolfpakk - Cry Wolf

Label : AFM Records | Archive under heavy / power metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Two years after the release of the debut album 'Wolfpakk' Wolfpakk now releases the long awaited sequel 'Cry Wolf'. The project of Mark Sweeney (ex-Crystal Ball) and Michael Voss (Mad Max) deserved it to get a sequel. And again, the two men have found an army of well-known musicians willing to work on their album. Therefore the album is perfect to use for playing a metal quiz: who sings on this song? Who plays the keys on this track? Which guitarists go head to head on this track. Try it sometime, it is quite difficult. Musically the band (although, it is not really a band of course) plays the same music they did on their first release: fairly traditional heavy rock, mainly based on the great bands from the seventies and eighties.

To come straight to the point: I understand the dilemma where my colleague Frank had to deal with two years ago while reviewing the music of Wolfpakk. The riffs all sound good, catchy and heavy, the vocals are of the highest level (John Gioeli, Doogie White, Göran Edman), the keys are in good hands (Tony Carey, Don Airey) but despite that the album does not impress at all. It simply has to do with the level of the song material: that is not sufficient. The good vocals and great guitar solos cannot hide the fact that 'Dark Revelation' is a crap song and ‘A Matter Of Time' is very, very average, the fierce 'The Beast In Me’ does not compare to the songs of (similar) bands. Is it not worth listening to at all? Well, there are a few very nice songs on this CD. 'Palace Of Gold' is a wonderful song, a bit epic like a modern version of Rainbow, 'Run With The Wolf' is a more than fine cover and 'Cry Wolf' is also a great tune. So just like on the debut we hear some fine tracks but the band cannot keep the attention of the listener for a longer time. And considering the musicians present that is incomprehensible. My conclusion is that the songwriters did not have enough inspiration and that is a weakness.

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