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Overtures - Entering The Maze

Overtures - Entering The Maze

Label : Sleaszy Rider Recs. | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Winston : Wow, Italy does some catching up this month in Lords of Metal in the prog rock and metal area so it seems, just when I thought it was so quiet. Overtures brings us to 'Entering The Maze' and is a prime example what the fans of Kamelot and Avantasia will love. Just as grand, epic and full of drama the album passes you by. It sounds kind of familiar and there is the influence of producer Sascha Paeth very clear. That full, yet bright sound, a good job when you get the right dose like this. For me personally it's just too big up in the way singer Michele Guatoli sings, with a bit too much drama and unfortunately also an accent which after a few songs gets on my nerves. There is too little personality shining through. Something that in this genre is often the case; good singers but too few actually have an contemporary own sound. But that is purely my personal opinion, the album is well put together and with a bonus DVD, filled with fun extras (studio footage, bonus track (Running Wild cover) and the album again in DVD format) for many prog metal fans it has plenty to offer.

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