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Annihilator - Feast

Annihilator - Feast

Label : UDR Music | Archive under speed / thrash metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Sjak : Look, these are the records that make me happy! Again we have had to wait three years for it but, after the from 2010 originating eponymously entitled album 'Annihilator', with this 'Feast' finally the fourteenth studio album of riffmeister Jeff Waters' band has seen the light of day. Meanwhile singer/guitar player Dave Padden has become a steady force in Jeff's team and judging the great performance that he's displaying on 'Feast', he feels himself really at ease within the material of this Canadian thrash-bulldozer.

Opening track 'Deadlock' immediately knocks you down and is a super fast thrasher which will definitely challenge a lot of the untrained headbangers. As usual the guitar work is top-notch and Waters once more proves to belong to the absolute top within the thrash metal genre. What a riffs and solos! There's a lot more beautiful stuff to be found on 'Feast', because also songs like 'Smear Campaign', 'Demon Code', 'No Way Out' and 'Fight The World' are genuine neckbreakers. Is there then nothing negative to report about this new Annihilator album? Yes, there is, since the ballad 'Perfect Angel Eyes' isn't really great in my opinion, but that's the only small minus according to me. The rest of the CD is just really good and with tracks like 'Wrapped' and 'No Surrender' enough variety is included to avoid any chance of potential boredom. And if a new Annihilator CD isn't enough to make you happy, a very interesting extra is included in the shape of bonus-CD 'Re-kill' which contains twelve rerecorded classic tracks (among others 'W.T.Y.D.', 'Alison Hell', 'Bloodbath', 'Ultra Motion', need I say more?) with Dave Padden on vocals.

If things aren't clear enough for you, I will practice the power of repetition here: Annihilator has released a truly fabulous new album with 'Feast', which every thrasher with a bit of self respect should get!

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