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Folkodia - The Fall Of The Magog

Folkodia - The Fall Of The Magog

Label : Stygian Crypt Productions | Archive under black metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Nima : The international projects Folkearth and Folkodia are no strangers in the folk metal genre. Not only are the two bands quite similar musically, but often also contain the same people in the line-up, both are signed with Stygian Crypt and both release new albums on a highly regular basis. The quality of Folkearth's albums vary, but I've been reviewing Folkodia ever since the release of their second album, 'In A Time Of Legends', and they have shown progress with every record so far. The sixth long player, 'The Fall Of Maggog', which was released in May only fourteen months after the last album, is no exception.

On the last records, 'Battles And Myths', the band set upon a faster and more aggressive path, but without losing the Folkodia sound and identity. I personally enjoyed the more aggressive direction a lot, and seeing that I have seen the band grow on each record, I was looking forward to hear what they had done on 'The Fall Of Maggog'. And it is a pleasure to say that the line of 'Battles And Myths' has been drawn further on this record and that 'The Fall Of Maggog' is simply a logical continuation of its predecessor. I think the reason for this logical continuation is also due to the fact that the line-up, as far as the “main” musicians and composers go, has remained more or less the same. Again there is big role for Michaël "Saga” Fiori (Black Knight Symfonia). More than that, on this record he has a dominant role and is more or less the lead vocalist, as he can be heard on every song. The clean male vocals are again from Metfolvik (Ravenclaw), and he sounds stronger than ever. To my great satisfaction female vocalists Hildr Valkyrie and Anaïs Chevallier (Black Knight Symfonia), who especially shined on the magnificent fully acoustic album, 'Forgotten Lore', have returned and again deliver vocal highlights with their beautiful voices.

All-in all the album has fallen out even more aggressive than its predecessor and the pace is kept up more. The songs are full of fast riffing and blastbeats, due to which the black and Viking metal value is higher than we're used to. Of course also the folk elements play as big a role as ever haven't been dosed whatsoever. On top of that the album also contains some riffs with a traditional heavy metal vibe. And who am I to complain about that? All put together not only make sure that the record is traditionally highly versatile, but also definitely full-on Folkodia. So if you enjoyed the band's previous works, you will also appreciate this album. But I must say that I hope that the band does indeed record another entirely acoustic album.

Lastly I must say that this record will sadly be the last on which we hear Metfolvik sing, seeing that he passed away in June after a struggle with a form of skin cancer! Our thoughts and compassion go out to his family, friends and - naturally - fellow band mates.

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