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Birth Control - Two Eggs – Two Concerts

Birth Control - Two Eggs – Two Concerts

Label : M.I.G. Music | Archive under prog / sympho metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : It has been said before, the MIG (Made In Germany) label specializes in re-issuing albums from Germany's rock history that have long been forgotten, deservedly so or not. Sometimes real gems are unearthed, but at times the question arises why. Why this particular record from the twilight years of a certain band? Why at all?

Such questions did come up when listening to 'Two Eggs, Two Concerts' by Berlin based band Birth Control. They were one of the better known Krautrock bands, but not in the same league as the now legendary bands like Amon Düül II, Cluster, Neu! or Popol Vuh. This is partly because Birth Control's music was based on Deep Purple and other British examples: progressive hard rock with prominent keyboards and - especially live - long-drawn-out songs. The current double album joins two concerts that show the band at different points in their career: one show from 1977 and one from March 1983. The line-up of the band changed in between, only singer-drummer Bernd Noske and guitar player Bruno Frenzel are present on both recordings.

The Birth Control fan gets his money's worth, MIG filled both cd's to the max with more than two and a half hour of live music. The 1977 cd presents a proggy Birth Control complete with ten minutes drum solo's. Six years later, Birth Control had changed its course. The rock influence, already present in 1977, has become much more prominent, resulting in a band that sounds like a pubrock version of Thin Lizzy with catchy, but almost cheesy song material. We need not say much about the music: it is way past its best-before datae. Both the prog Birth Control as the pubrock Birth Control have become musical dinosaurs: long extinct, but lovingly dug up and restored by MIG. The 1983 show is extra special because it is one of the final appearances of guitarplayer and main song writer Frenzel, who succumbed to a serious disease in September of the same year. The remaining band members quit shortly after his death, realizing that it would be pointless to try to continue without Frenzel (drummer Noske reconsidered and resurrected the band ten years later). On the cd's it becomes evident why. The band's sound was based on his guitar-laying and it is because of that this live double album is worth listening to (despite all raised objections).

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