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Autoviolet - Autoviolet

Autoviolet - Autoviolet

Label : Neurot Recordings | Archive under alternative / pop

Release type: Full-length CD

Melanie : This summer, the Canadian AutoViolet will release their debut album after years of intensive and hard work. The album is finally finished and ready to go to the market. The band consists of singer Amy Arsenault, bassist David Brent Johnson and drummer Chris Banting. The men and woman make a mix between electronic pop and alternative rock.

Their music reminds me of the earlier works of Evanescence, minus the gothic edge. Many synths, distortion, elongated vocal tones against a wall of pop / alternative rock. The songs are catchy, and leave you wanting more. There is however, quite a dark edge to the songs; something you do not immediately take notice off: the lyrics. They are written by vocalist Amy, who talked about her tough childhood in several interviews. She had to deal with depression and later on drugs and alcohol abusion. Her friends and family helped her overcome this addiction. These experiences are not only used for this beautiful set of lyrics for AutoViolet, but also gave her the inspiration of working with teenagers in the Amy Winehouse Foundation. She helps them stay clean and stay on the right track. Her vocals are quite pure and poppy, which basically fits the music a lot. The overall is comparable with a slightly softer version of VersaEmerge. The same kind of power can be found in several tracks, but in a more subtle way. They created a separate, soft yet very energetic album. It's good enough to stand on its own, but not good enough to linger on for much longer than a day. Yet the potential is there, so I'm curious of what may come next. I am also curious about their live performances, because it's a mainly digital act.

Are you curious? You may want to surf to their SoundCloud to listen to some tracks. Maybe you'll be positively surprised after all!

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