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Arabrot - Arabrot

Arabrot - Arabrot

Label : Fysisk Format | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : This Grammy award winning duo called Arabrot is indeed the best kept secret of Norway. This sixth album is again a step forward in the tremendous journey this band has been travelling. The duo is more and more into film music and other projects but this record, even though not produced by Steve Albini this time like on the last record 'Solar Anus', is so Melvins-like, so Big Black-tight that it hurts! It sometimes even blows up like an explosing! The black metal soul is still hearable but that ambient pop tune like approach in this heaviness is what this band is all about and it's the sure thing why people are so interested in this. All-in all, a strange but great record that takes a seat in your head and keeps ontravelling with you!

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