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Afgrund - Corporatocracy

Afgrund - Corporatocracy

Label : PRC Music | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Full-length CD

Erik : Afgrund was esthablished in 2006 and has members hailing from Sweden, Italy, Austria and Finland. After their third LP 'The Age Of Dumb' last year, this new EP 'Corporatocracy' is worth your while just because of the three excellent covers on it : 'Splattered Cadavers' by Repulsion, 'Shadows' by Nasum and an oldie 'The Nightmare Continues' by almighty Discharge. Nearly twenty minutes filled by fourteen songs is what we call an EP in the grindcore scene and however it's not all very original in ideas, it surely does not lack any convidence or handling of instruments! The crystal clear production also has no negative effect on the outcome. If you are into that post-Nasum scene or in bands like Mumakil and Phobia, this is surely your thing!

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