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Ministry - Enjoy The Quiet – Live At Wacken 2012

Ministry - Enjoy The Quiet – Live At Wacken 2012

Label : UDR Music | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Jan-Simon : Ministry continues, even after the tragic death of guitarplayer Mike Scaccia last year. Partly as an hommage to him, partly because the world has to end first in order to stop Ministry from releasing albums, two new albums have been announced for 2013. Or are these really the final albums by Ministry? It has become a running gag in the past five years: every new Ministry album supposedly was the very last one and turned out not to be that. But the Scaccia's death really seems to mark the end to the endless flow of releases. "Mikey was my best friend in the world and there's no Ministry without him" and “So yes, this will be Ministry's last album.”, Al Jourgensen said in a recent interview, talking about the new studio album 'From Beer To Eternity', scheduled to be released in September. We will see, but have made a mental note already that this probably excluded remixes, b-sides compilations or live albums.

The first of the latter has already been prepared, a registration of the show Ministry did on Wacken Open Air at August 4th 2012. As it turned out, one of the final shows with Mike Scaccia, the sixth to last performance to be precise. On the cd and dvd eight songs from the last four albums - the “Anti-W” trilogy and their most recent post-breakup reunion cd 'Relapse'- can be found, plus a few Ministry blasts from the past: 'N.W.O.' and 'Just One Fix' from 'Psalm 69' and 'Thieves' from 'The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste'. Released almost 25 years ago… Time flies, even for someone like Al Jourgensen, who had to be hospitalized in France after severe exhaustion and dehydration just a few days before the Wacken show.

Not that is notable on the cd, Ministry is sharp as a razor and thunders through its repertoire for a seemingly raving audience. It does so in a way though that you start wondering if this is not the original studio recording with added audience cheering. It is quite an achievement to reproduce your songs that well, but the question arises in which way such a live album has added value. Perhaps the dvd, at which the show can be seen as well as heard, will reveal this, but unfortunately it was not available for this review, as was the bonus cd with the registration of the Wacken 2006 gig. Only the Deluxe edition of 'Enjoy The Quiet' includes this second show, of which the setlist is largely the same as in 2012. Seven out of the eleven songs from the 2012 show were also played in 2006. Only the songs from 'Relapse' fail, for apparent reasons.

Conclusion: “The Godfather of Industrial Metal” Jourgensen still is a master at emptying his fans' wallets. 'Enjoy The Quiet' is a fine record that captures the Ministry-experience very well, as far as this is possible on a home tv of course. Especially in the expanded version with bonus cd compulsory material for all fans.

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