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Hex - Hex

Hex - Hex

Label : Logic(il)logic | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Wim S. : Hex comes from Sweden was founded in 2011. The band around singer Jonas Hygren - the man who gives a new dimension to the concept of sandpaper as vocal cord - now releases its official debut, an album filled with a mix of metal and electronics. It tends very much towards industrial music, with some influences from Nine Inch Nails, Sisters Of Mercy but also Prong.

When a band has two guitarists I always regret that a band does not use all the possibilities that two guitarists have, especially when it comes to sheer power. Only a few times the two guitars of Hex give the music the power that you would expect. It seems as if the band just finds it important to sound a little mysterious, a bit dark sounding. And they try to create that mainly by using a lot of electronics. That does not work. Just listen to 'Voodoo Girl': lower those guitars and get rid of the electronics and it would be a much better song. Now it sounds really annoying not in the least because of the (background) vocals. I also find it tiring to listen to Hygren's voice an entire album. I already get a sore throat just by listening to him! And unfortunately, songs like '7even','Dead Inside' simply do not know to interest me. Not to mention 'Sin Eater', what a terrible track. Except for the nice opening track 'Succubbus' (hello Prong) this is a boring release, despite those cute white painted black metal-heads of the bandmembers.

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