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Psychopathic Terror - You Shall Not Destroy

Psychopathic Terror - You Shall Not Destroy

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Ype : Aha, it's Psychopathic Terror again! The first name I got to review twice in my 'career' at this webzine. Time flies, yes. The logo of the band has not yet changed and still looks quite death/grind-ish. Still, Petri (being the only 'bandmember') does all of the instruments and programming himself on his fourth record under the moniker of Psychopathic Terror. His formula has not changed in respect to the previous record 'Revolt'; the balance between staccato, Ministry-alike industrial and nihilistic electronic parts has remained intact. Surprises are still there from time to time, like the thrashy beats and riffs in 'Punaista Kohinaa' or the very danceable intro of 'Disinformation Agent' (showing obvious similarities with The Kovenant's 'Animatronic'). The music is still mainly based on repetition and is therefore a little too monotonous for my taste. Also, in my memory the previous record was a little more aggressive and had a heavier production. To me, the biggest selling point of Psychopathic Terror remains its ice-cold underground atmosphere. Therefore, this record seems appropriate for lovers of industrial and electronic music, as well as fans of gothic and black metal.

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