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Enthral - Subterranean Movement

Enthral - Subterranean Movement

Label : Displeased Records | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

David : A lot of years have passed since Enthral's previous album was released and to be honest, up until now I was quite unaware of this band. After browsing the net for a short while, though, and having checked with a mate (who does own the first two Enthral releases) I can only say that I'm pretty surprised that we are still dealing with the same band here.

While "The Mirror's Opposite End” contained atmospheric and varied black metal which frequently used female vocals and keyboards, anno 2003 there hardly is anything left of those elements. The band completely returns to a more Spartan style of music, completely devoid of any unnecessary additions and with a more brutal and aggressive sound. When looking through the booklet the one thing I noticed is that keyboardplayer Stian (ex-Dimmur Borgir) isn't in the band at all, but whether he left because of the chosen musical direction, or if the change is the result of his departure, I can't really say.

What we do find on the disc however, are eight fast black metal tracks which, sadly enough, don't all manage to convince me. At some points the band manages to come up with excellent and memorable leads and melodies, while the next moment they suddenly play noisy and uncontrolled parts, which drastically lowers the quality of most songs. It almost seems as if the band either wanted to prove that they could also play technical or just wanted to put too many ideas into some tracks, and this certainly doesn't do the CD any good. Something which did change for the better however is the production, which has made quite a leap since the days of "The Mirror's Opposite End”, an album that really suffered from the weak and thin sound it received. Not that "Subterranean Movement” is that much of a killer sound wise, but at least it's a lot more enjoyable this time around.

In short "Subterranean Movement”, even though it does possess the occasional good idea, fails to impress and really stand out from the crowd.

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