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Picture Ann / Sagntid / Vornoff - Triarchy

Picture Ann / Sagntid / Vornoff - Triarchy

Label : Ninth Meridian Records | Archive under black metal

Release type: Split cd

Roel de Haan : This 'Triarchy' is a three-way split by Picture Ann, Sagntid and Vornoff. All of these bands basically consist of one and the same man and do not differ much in style. It all is basically electronic ambient music with some electric guitars popping up sporadically, For all outfits the musical ingredients are rather the same: spacey synths conjure slow - and quite frankly - boring motives that are extensively repeated and things are embellished by acoustic or electric guitars. Hardly any rhythm is present and ones mind wanders off very quickly. Sleep inducing, uninteresting and not very creative.

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