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Orphaned Land - All Is One

Orphaned Land - All Is One

Label : Century Media | Archive under different metal

Release type: Full-length CD

Vera : As ambassadors for unity, peace and tolerance between people of different religions and cultures - the three monotheistic religions of Christians, Jews and Muslims are featured - Israeli Orphaned Land has a top position for years. After the release of 'The Never Ending Way Of ORwarriOR' in 2010, they have convinced more and more fans with their unique blend of heavy metal, graceful oriental influences and educating lyrics. In 2012 a diehard fan crowd even started a petition to nominate Orphaned Land for the Noble prize of peace. Well, they do deserve this much more than some of the politicians.

'All Is One' is the title of the six studio album that will be released at June, 24th. The cover art shows the symbols of the three religions, united in one simple but tasteful manner. No Orphaned Land album sounds the same, but this surely goes for 'All Is One'. The songs are much shorter and direct, even catchy and accessible. In that sense we can actually mark 'Sapari' from the previous album as main direction now. However, female vocals are only used as lead chants in 'Through Fire And Water'. Not Schlomit Levi, but Mira Awad is responsible for that. The death growls of Kobi Farhi have nearly disappeared, only in 'Fail' they are present. Kobi uses his charming, melancholic and clean voice on this album. The progressive intricacies from the past are replaced by string quartets from Turkey, defining the timbre of many songs in a way that mostly reminds me of the Page & Plant tour when they were grandly fascinated by the Moroccan culture. Consequently vocal lines of Kobi are more Arabian and Middle Eastern flavoured, as confirmed in our interview. A 25-headed choir adds more élan to the songs. And naturally, Yossi Sassi enriches the album with loads of ethnic instruments. It is an exciting album, but we have to admit that a huge part of heaviness is gone. I was a bit disappointed during the first spins about that, but when you keep on giving it a try, then you discover an opulence of beautiful melodies on 'All Is One'.

With the thoughtful 'The Simple Man' and especially the ballad (sung with a sob in the voice) 'Brother', Orphaned Land will surely appeal to a broader audience. 'Fail', the song with occasionally death growls, is strategically placed in the middle of the album. The hectic and intense spoken text is surrounded by heavy riffs and wild guitar solos. This song will please the metal fans, as well as 'Our Own Messiah' which includes any heavier parts too. The instrumental 'Freedom' is pita metal, while 'Shama'im' and 'Ya Benaye' not only illustrate the multi linguistic talents of the band, but easily can be played in the pita bar around the corner. This is very oriental with typical string arrangements and a sophisticated approach. The production of the band itself and the mix of Jens Bogren puts every instrument very clear in the music. For the regular metal fans 'All Is One' might be a bit too soft, yet this album (once again) proves the multilateral talent of this band. And as Kobi says: open your heart for something which is different, without rejecting it by prejudices. Thus listen carefully to 'All Is One' before judging. This is a statement of one of the most intriguing bands in history…

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