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The Committee - Holodomor

The Committee - Holodomor

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under doom metal

Release type: Demo

Berto : A band with some substance, that is what we like. The Committee consists of four members from four different countries. As a lyrical theme for this demo they have chosen a particularly heavy theme namely the extreme famine in the Soviet Union during the twenties en thirties when Stalin ruled the country. The band wants to be the voice of the dead and through the lyrics they describe this morbid and dark period in history. With just this information you can almost imagine the music yourself and the blackened doom fits the dark lyrics perfectly. Slow rhythms and extremely low tuned guitars make this a heavy trip. And when during 'Katherine's Chant' you can hear part of a traditional Russian song you can only conclude that the band has created a perfect history lesson with this atmosphere, these lyrics and this music. Musically it is nothing new but executed perfect and very effective.

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