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Metamorphosis - After All These Years

Metamorphosis - After All These Years

Label : Galileo Records | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Jack The Jester : Metamorphosis could best be described as a stew with as main ingredients Pendragon and Pink Floyd flavoured with a Alan Parsons Project sauce. Now Metamorphosis isn't really a band, it is more like a project of Jean-Pierre Schenk, who first came up with the idea when he bought himself a new home three years ago in which he had enough room to build a studio. Jean-Pierre therefore is responsible for all drums, keyboards, lead and backing vocals, and for guitar and bass he hired Giova Esposito and Dominique Schlafer.

Now sometimes my mind works in strange ways, and it also happened while listening to this CD. I really associated the music on 'After All These Years' with the music that is being used to spice up German detective series. It is atmospheric, melodramatic and every now and than intimidating. The way the guitar presents itself adds a kind of Pink Floyd flavour to the songs, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. To bad though that the vocals from Jean-Pierre are plain sombre and he lacks the power which David Gilmour could bring into a song. Furthermore the album as a whole sounds very depressed (not one single happy tune whatsoever), so the ideal disc if you have a broken heart or feel suicidal. Now I am doing this review by daylight, but I must say that I am getting tired of it a bit too soon, and that really is not a good sign. The music is alright - no doubt about that - but the vocals are dead boring, especially when you have to listen to them for like about an hour.

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