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Nevermore - Enemies Of Reality

Nevermore - Enemies Of Reality

Label : Century Media | Archive under

Release type: Full-length CD

Ralph : A beautiful, sunny saturdaymorning in June, became even more beautiful when I found a promo copy of Nevermore's new album "Enemies Of Reality” in my mailbox. The world had to wait over two years for this follow up to the metal classic "Dead Heart In a Dead World”. It has been worth the waiting!

"Dead Heart In a Dead World” is to Nevermore, what "Thriller” is to Michael Jackson, an album you only produce once as a performer. Producing a better effort seems impossible, so trying to make it equally good, would be outstanding. Nevermore did just that and the quartet from Seattle brings us, with "Enemies Of Reality”, another masterpiece.

Like we can expect from Nevermore, this again, is a CD full of dark, at times depressive, metal that gives us that typical Nevermore vibe. Opening and title track "Enemies Of Reality” comes crashing in and following tracks " Ambivalent” and "Never Purify” are also tight tiny jewels. The guys (Dane, Sheppard, Loomis and Williams) know how to fascinate the listener and take us on a trip through dark, energetic, aggressive and highly technical songs without loosing track of the song structure. Fourth track on the album is the (semi) ballad " Tomorrow Turns Into Yesterday” . A song that carries you away, with tons of melody. It reminds me of "The Heart Collector” of the previous album. It also occurded to me that only two songs, go over five minutes. "I voyager” and "Enemies Of Reality” , clock 5:48 and 5:10. My absolute favorite song cannot be left unmentioned. The steaming "Create The Infinite” is hard, tight and blessed with great arrangements and (just like the rest of the songs) full of breathtaking guitarplaying.

Producer Kelly Gray, had a tremendous challenge ahead of him, considering the absolute brutal sound that Andy Sneap (Arch Enemy, Testament) created on "Dead Heart In a Dead World” , is a tough one to top. He did a good job though, "Enemies Of Reality” sounds brutally heavy and clear. Warrel Dane's powerful voice stands out and the talent of guitarist/songwriter Jeff loomis, is once again displayed very well.

With "Enemies Of Reality” Nevermore added another classic to their, already very impressive, discography. The coming tour will be like the old times but this kind of music needs a second guitar player live, to make sure all the violence is spread proparly. Thank god the band knows this too, Chris Broderick (Jag Panzer) will play the guitar too. Go and see it!

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