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Buried - Tenebrous

Buried - Tenebrous

Label : Eigen beheer | Archive under death metal / grindcore

Release type: Demo

Pim B. : Buried is a new Dutch death metal band. Well, they're new ever since vocalist Joel Sta was added to the line-up. Before he entered the band they were known as Traktor and with Sta added, who you might know from bands like Pyaemia and Arsebreed, they decided to change the name of the band. A change in musical direction was another reason for the name change. In this band Joel meets his old band pal Robbert Vrijenhoek, who mangled the drums in Pyaemia and Disavowed before.

Looking at the past of these two guys we can easily state that Buried plays death metal. As the band has its roots in Traktor it is also clear Buried isn't a copy of the musical violence Pyaemia for instance was known for. Buried is somewhere in between. The band from Rotterdam plays mid-tempo but with plenty of technical finesse added. 'Tenebrous' therefore isn't easy to digest. I had to listen to this three-track demo several times to get the feel of it. In general I get the music, but I have to conclude it's not completely super catchy. This has its charm but I also suspect that lots of people will leave this band for what it is after a single listening session. Of course it is difficulty to base an opinion on just three songs and maybe my expectations were quite high looking at the past of two of the band's members. In short, a proper start but there's a long road ahead of them.

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