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B.O.S.C.H. - Apparat

B.O.S.C.H. - Apparat

Label : Dust On The Tracks | Archive under industrial / ebm

Release type: Full-length CD

Melanie : 'Apparat' is the newest album of German industrial band B.O.S.C.H., which came out last month and goes hand in hand with the rest of the German industrial bands. These gentlemen have been trying to reach a status within the industrial metal scene outside Germany, but things have not been going that well. Maybe it has something to do with the mimicking of big names in this genre, and the complete lack of originality. Many German industrial / EBM bands tend to sound like Rammstein, I am absolutely aware of that, but there are loads of bands that distinguish themselves from these men. It almost seems as though bands don't put any effort in their originality anymore, bands became lazy. But nevertheless; a copy, how good it may be, is still a copy, and why would anyone want to do that?

In addition, I will never understand why many German bands refuse to make an English version of their biography and background information. I think this is so terribly annoying and disrespectful, and it's quite off-putting for your fans as well. No bonus points earned in this round. This is typical industrial metal as we know it, with the synths straight copied from bands who have done this with a minimal of a hundred times. The vocals of Lutz are sharper and nice to listen to. Powerful and wonderfully rough. The music is absolutely flawless and the production has finished it all off greatly. It just sounds so very nice, and that is why I find this so sad that they have not tried to be unique, and find their own sound. It's great to see they take themselves so seriously, but they've not yet convinced me to do so too.

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